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Helping Families and Friends Honor Their Loved One

The staff members of Valhalla Funeral Chapel, Crematory and Cemetery will guide your family in creating a meaningful ceremony to honor the life and memory of a loved one. A ceremony can be anything you wish it to be: simple or elaborate, traditional or unique. No matter how it's tailored, such a ceremony is an important step in recovering from loss.

Business Hours Monday-Friday 9-4, Saturdays 9-1
 Closed Sundays..... except Mausoleum Open Mother's Day, Father's Day,and Easter [11:00am-3:00pm]

 "Come Once for a Visit - Come Often to Remember"..............Valhalla, since 1911

  Day or Night.............24 Hour Emergency Phone...................314-721-4900 or 314-920-6546

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SINCE 1897....Valhalla....[through Valhalla's Hillcrest Abbey]
was the first to offer CREMATION west of the Mississippi and to St Louis families specifically.

NOW ---after 120 years of continuous cremation--- THE TRADITION CONTINUES as Valhalla will be one of the first to offer

"flameless cremation" to St Louis area families...with no fire or gas emissions.

Alkaline Hydrolysis is known as the "environmentally friendly" alternative to cremation by fire.

It is a procedure that utilizes water for a faster decomposition.


Anyone wishing to pre-arrange this alternative..should call us today 314-721-4900,

or email to randy@valhallafunerals.net.

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 COMPLETE FLOWER CLEAN-UP DATES:              Spring Jan 25th - Feb 7th        Fall Nov 1st-Nov 15
                                                                          All Flowers [real or silk] will be removed and discarded during this period.

Walnut Room....Rare Opportunity!

Two Crypts in the much sought after Walnut Room at Valhalla just opened up.

Call 314-239-1105 for pricing details.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Two Full Length Couch Crypts in White Marble Historic Mausoleum[resale]  Private                                     Room-Gated Entrance-Stained Glass Window $21000 now   $16000   F        
        "Hot List"        Twelve[12] Graves with Upright Monument Space [Mon. not included]
          Jan- Mar                                 regularly $12,900   now $6000 FOV
                                      Eight [8] Graves with upright Monument Space [Mon. not included]
                                                                   regularly $9200.....now $5000 FOV
                                       Six [6] Graves with upright Monument Space [Mon. not included]
                                                                   regularly $6,500...now $ 3000 FOV
                                       Four [4] Graves with upright Monument Space ]Mon. not included]...2400 FOV
                                       Two [2] Graves [side by side].....regularly $2400.....now $1200 FOV
                                        Two Lawn Crypts.......Garden 1.....Regularly $4,100.......$1,800..F
                                        Two Lawn Crypts......Garden 4 ...Regularly $4,100........$1,800..F
                                        Two Lawn Crypts.....Garden 4.....Regularly $4,100.........$1,800 F
                                        Two Lawn Crypts.....Garden 1....Regularly $4,100..........$1,800 FOV
                                        True Companion above ground outdoor crypt.....reg $7000 now $4600FOV
                                      Two above ground crypts outdoor,side/side..reg  $9000 now $6100F

  Our "Simplified" Package                                
          $6,970........ Complete Traditional Funeral/Burial Package......$6,970
: Removal from Place of Death, Embalming, Other Preparation,
Steel Casket, Concrete Vault, Single Grave, Granite Grave Marker, 1 Hour Visitation [non-weekend/day time only], Funeral Ceremony in our Chapel, Hearse to Grave, Register Book, Prayer Cards, Thank You Notes, Use of a Silk Flower Casket Spray, One Weekday Grave Opening and Closing..............................  Not included are "optional items" like a Minister, Vocalist, Organist, Death Certificates, Sales Taxes, Newspaper Obits, Limousine, Hairdresser, Death outside of St Louis area,other Misc. [Substitutions may be made with price adjustments]

    Friends of Valhalla- Special Pricing----Family Plan______

Four [4] Above-Ground Crypts in the Outdoor Mausoleum Together
             Regularly $18,000...................... Now Only $10,000
$1,000 Down, then $150 per month for 60 months...no interest!

New Individual or Companion Niches                                                                                     Now being offered. Come in today and reserve yours with a simple deposit and remit the balance over the next 60 months at no interest or carrying charges.  Plus we have the oldest Crematory operating in St Louis City-County Surrounding Area. Glass front and closed front niches available in new unit....starting at $500.

 New Family Niche Units

Two new "Family Niche" Book Shelf Units are being installed in the Perimeter Hallway of the Grand Mausoleum of Valhalla.  Each Book Shelf may accommodate 10-15 persons in Bronze Cremation Urns.....or Book Urns. To reserve your family shelf, call today 314-721-4900.

 The "Private Room" [above]  located inside the Indoor Mausoleum at Valhalla can be yours.....it has room for 12 [twelve] caskets and 9 [nine cremation urns, is gated with a private entrance and can be designed by your family [this is just a display].  Price $155,000.....from now until December 1...price reduced to $125,000...Save $30,000

Announcing New West County Location:  Bellerive Garden Mausoleum
and Valhalla Funeral Chapel have teamed up to offer St Louis quality funeral services
at one of the most beautiful locations in West County.
Complete funeral arrangements including caskets, visitations, viewings, personalized
funeral ceremonies at Bellerive or at your church...call 314-721-4900, 24 hours a day.

 Cremation Services through Valhalla [the oldest active Crematory in St Louis]...we have been
cremating longer than anyone in St Louis or St Louis County.
For Direct Cremation with Memorial Services at your church or Bellerive Gardens....or
Complete Funeral Ceremonies with visitation and viewing, followed by Cremation.....
call 314-721-4900 for details.

  • Special Pricing at Bellerive Gardens Cemetery   North Mason Road..............   Seven Grave spaces [7] in Rose Harrell Garden..Regularly $6500 each                                                                                                                                  Six Grave Spaces [6]in Garden of Prayer......Regularly $7500 each                Call .....314-239-1105.                                                                                                                                                                     

Two Graves [side by side] in Eternal Light, regularly $9000..............call 314-239-01105 with offer.       Two side by side Grave spaces in Hiram Garden...........regularly $9000....call with offer to 314-239-1105.       One Single Grave...normally $4,500...in Eternal Light.....now $4000      Quick Sale needed...two graves in Garden of Prayer...normally $15,000...call for immediate possession!               

Bellerive Gardens  on North Mason Road.........Tandem Mausoleum Crypt                          [for two] ..........will hold two adult caskets......eye level.....Regularly priced at $18,000 ............Exterior of the building [down this walkway]                                   Call.......314-239-1105 with offer.                             

 Friends of Valhalla......is a 501[c]3 Charitable Organization set up to facilitate community, historical, educational, artistic events held throughout the year; to protect and preserve the architectural and historic landmarks located on the property; and to help make improvements to the common areas [like planting trees]. Please make your tax deductible contribution to the beautification and benefit of keeping Valhalla for the next 100 years. [Learn more on our "community events" page!]

 When a loved one dies...so can their stories.                                                                      Preserve those stories by writing your own book! Either a hardbound or paperback book of photos, memories, and stories is prepared by a professional writer and may be handed down from generation to generation.                                                    www.UnderTheOakTreeWritings.com

Online Death Records-
Because we are a full service Funeral Home, Crematory, Cemetery, Mausoleum, we DO NOT post  death/burial records on our public website  for privacy reasons ..please fax [314-721-5789]or write to Ellen; for genealogy requests...7600 St Charles Rock Road, St Louis, MO 63133.

Voices of Valhalla/Hayrides Through Time

Join the Hawthorne Players and the Staff of Valhalla Cemetery and Funeral Chapel as we together present live theater inside the cemetery.  Real stories of real people are brought to life as your wagon tours the cemetery grounds.

The first two weekends in October...this year Friday the 5th, and Saturday the 6th..and then again on Friday the 12th and Saturday the 13th.  Hay wagons leave every 15 minutes, with up to 16 passengers.  Food and drink are available for purchase from the Methodist Salem Ladue Boy Scout Troop 17.

Details below:

Voices of Valhalla/Hayrides Through Time

Written and Directed by Larry Marsh

Hosted by Stephen Zell and Randy Singer

This Event is not recommended for small children.

2018 Dates......

Friday Oct 5; Saturday Oct 6

Friday Oct 12; Saturday Oct 13

stop by the office at 7600 St Charles Rock Road, ST L, MO 63133

Hawthorne Players and Valhalla Funeral Chapel, Crematory and Cemetery first presented "Voices of Valhalla: Hayrides Through Time" at Valhalla Cemetery in 2010.  This unusual theatre-in-a-cemetery production features a hayride through the cemetery with stops along the way where characters appear from the darkness and present monologues describing their lives and times.  The hayrides sell out almost immediately.  

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