We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

Hi Randy,
Our first cousin, Nancy Oestreicher Black and her daughter, Michele were lovely to attend in spite of the thunderstorm forecast. Nancy grew up 4 blocks away from John and me in Shrewsbury and is my dearest cousin. And, Michele, was always John’s favorite in the next generation of cousins as subsequently also have become her children.
My maternal aunt and uncle, Fred and Nancy Merton Oestreicher are also interred in our Westbury-Merton-Oestreicher Pearman family plot. 
After the graveside service, Nancy immediately e-mailed me that the minister delivered a nice sermon and closed with 23rd Psalms as I had requested.
Pastor Marlowe had telephoned me yesterday to inquire about John so he could personalize the committal service. I appreciate his thoughtful gesture.
(2 new entries for my personal lexicon: committal service and comorbidities)
Ron and I wish to thank you for all the e-mails and telephone exchanges as you navigated us from 2,000 miles away through the last week in such turbulent and extraordinary times.  And, then the unforeseen weekend delay due to the new Juneteenth holiday.
Thank you so much for taking  and forwarding the two photos. I am so relieved the rain held off for the four of you. The brown casket is beautiful (as are the clouds in your first photo!).
My maternal great-grandparents and grandparents were very wise to have chosen Valhalla Cemetery more than a century ago!
I hope you have at least penciled in a well-deserved vacation on your calendar with many front line bonus days away from cell phones and e-mails!
Stay safe and well.
Pat Schwarz

Randy- thank you so much for your help with everything. Your kindness has meant so much to me and my family.

5 stars
Sheryll Vilcinskas February 09, 2021

Randy was a pleasure to work with during a difficult time....XOXOXO

5 stars
Karen Krispin-Mueller February 03, 2021

Randy, Thank you so much for helping us in the difficult time. You just walked us through everything we needed to do. The service and chapel were beautiful. Valhalla is a pretty place and IIknow Ashley is at peace there. Also, your daughter is lovely and her warm embrace after the service gave me strength. Many thanks...Fleda and family

5 stars
Fleda Kelly

Randy- Thank you for helping me with the process of my brother's funeral. The service was dignified, especially nice to have the last minute minister! Thanks for that. You made it all so easy, thanks again. Jan

5 stars
Jan September 25, 2020

Randy, Thank you so much for being part of my Dad's later years. Doing what you do gave us all much comfort.

5 stars
Tripp Anway November 16, 2019

Randy, just wanted to thank you the service was amazingly perfect!....Chris

5 stars
Chris Hawken October 08, 2019

Ellen- Thank you so very much, for all the care and support you have given me in the effort to honor and respect our Mother and sister Elizabeth. I will always be very grateful! Lovingly, Jane

5 stars
Jane [Davis] Shott October 07, 2019

Hi Randy, Just wanted to tell you thank you for the wonderful job you and the rest of the staff did for my mom's funeral. We were all very pleased with how everything turned out. A special thank you for the backwards walk to her grave on a very hot day! I will never forget that, for sure. The vault and casket were just beautiful. Through the whole funeral it was a comfort to have you running things. Terry Cornish (Vivian Easley's daughter.)

5 stars
Terry Cornish September 23, 2019

Dear Randy, What a job you have! Guiding and handling people on some of the worst days of their lives. I'm so glad we picked Valhalla to handle things for us. Thanks so much for all your help! Kathy

5 stars
Kathy Bruns July 23, 2019

I appreciate your time and understanding at a time that I needed it so much. Thankful and Grateful...….Nancy Wheeler

5 stars
Nancy Wheeler June 27, 2019

Subject: Thank you Message: Randy, It has been a little over two years since my grandpa Edwin Pell(this is his grandson, not Ed speaking from the after life.. lol) I went to a Blues game a few weeks ago and had the honor of hearing Mr. Charles Glenn sing his regular gig at the game. It reminded me of his beautiful singing at my grandpas service and brought a tear to my eye. You had suggested him to us without us having any idea who he was at the time. That was just one small part of the amazing job you did for my family. I know we were probably one the more colorful families you've dealt with but you really made the experience 100 times better for my family and I. You made a very sad and somber event easier for us to deal with and that is an amazing quality that will be rewarded in whatever afterlife you believe in. Sorry for rambling but I wanted to express my gratitude and my families one more time. Thank you and take care Randy.

5 stars
Ed Pell February 16, 2014

Randy singer did an amazing job! He was efficient, kind, and courteous!

5 stars
Karen Vineyard December 09, 2020

Randy Singer was amazing and a pure joy to work with. I could not have imagined having a more positive experience, especially under the circumstances. He should empathy, compassion and had such patience. Stellar human being.

5 stars
Jen Brockett February 01, 2021

Dear Randy- I want to thank you for taking care of Don, my family and me. I have only had to pull together one other funeral in my life [my Dad in 1990]. You made the entire process much easier that I expected. The service was very nice. It was nice meeting your Daughter. She was very helpful. You brining the necklace down for me to see and picking up the one I had really went above and beyond the call of duty. Again thank you so much!..Melinda

5 stars
Melinda Repp Sanderson September 16, 2020

Ellen...thank you - thank you - thank you! You are keeping the quality of "Customer Service" alive at Valhalla!

5 stars
Donna Pearson January 14, 2020

Dear Randy and Ellen, Thank you so very much for your kindness and support to all of us in the burial of Mom and Elizabeth on 10/7/19. It was all very special to each of us, and the two of you made the day just perfect! Your thoughtfulness in planning the morning a special one for us will never be forgotten! I included you both in three previous emails that I sent out to Family and Friends with photos included. Randy, please share them with Ellen, if you would, since she does not have an email addy or I do not have it, if she does. I would appreciate that! In the not-to-distant future, I will be planning to get Markers engraved for my Great-Grandparents, Mary and Thomas Davis (William D. Davis parents). It is clear that the funds were not available for Markers, at the time of their burial. I hope to complete that for them. J I am so very grateful for the perfect day on 10/78/19. Thank you for being such an integral part of that perfection! Lovingly, Jane Davis Shutt

5 stars
Jane Davis Shutt October 14, 2019

Dear Ellen, I can not tell you how much I appreciate your kindness. Thank you helping me find my grandmother. When I called my niece to tell her, we both cried. How can you love some one you have never met, so much? We have you to thank for the peace that has brought!....Mary

5 stars
Mary Piles October 04, 2019

Randy, thank you for everything. The little touches you added were so thoughtful and appreciated by my family; your pink tie, the roses on the vault that matched the casket, everything. But you and your daughter are the most wonderful people to work with during your time of grief. The casket was beautiful, the flowers were beautiful, and Mom was beautiful. What Pastor Steve read was perfect and he did such a wonderful job with caring in his voice. I know Mom is with my Dad and husband now and my family has three beautiful guardian angels watching over us. Kathy

5 stars
Kathy Asbrock September 18, 2019

Dear Randy Thank you. Thank you for making a tough situation so peaceful. Thank you for your care and concern for my Mom’s husband and our Dad. Thank you for talking on the phone with us at Ladue Chapel today and coordinating Larry’s safe passage to the Chapel tomorrow for his Memorial Garden debut on Friday. Thank you for sending a flag along with Larry tomorrow to the Chapel to display with American pride at his service on Friday. Thank you for so quickly preparing the online notice which we are sharing with our family and friends. As they say, we hope it will be a while before we see you again BUT know we will share with all the loving experience we have had with Valhalla. With great regard, Sandy Craft, CIndy Krusie, Sheri Mistretta

5 stars
Sandra Craft September 24, 2019

Thank you so very much on providing such a wonderful morning funeral for my Mother. she looked really beautiful and you provided a wonderful floral arrangement for her. She will be so very much missed, but I wanted to thank you for everything you all at Valhalla did for Mom. Sincerely, Karen McKeown

5 stars
Karen Mckeown June 26, 2019

Dear Randy and Crew - We can never thank you enough for the attention to detail, care and assistance you all gave Ed and I and our family. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. Love, Betty Hagenbrok

5 stars
Betty Hagenbrok February 18, 2014

                             Josephine Kuczma   
                                 March 2016

Dear Randy:   We thank you for the wonderful funeral presentation for our mother.  You graciously led me to the final decisions that resulted in the most beautiful ceremony ever.  All of the staff are to be commended......Sincerely, Delores Kidney, Florissant